Yeonjun Boo

Main Director


Yellow Design

PM2 Entertainment website production

Jangseongwon Watch web shopping mall production

Rainbow Management Homepage Production

Rainbow Managerment homepage blog production
Clean air website production

YES Interior Film homepage production

Parakit women's clothing shopping mall production

Hanssem Decortem interior film homepage production

OK24 smart store shopping mall production

JW Store smart store shopping mall production

Ogeori Real Estate website type blog production

​Room detective HOME's homepage blog production

Produced a smart store shopping mall containing soup

Normal Hands Brand Web Consulting

Nola Food Smart Store Shopping Mall Production

Moonjeonghee Gochujang smart store shopping mall production

Sweetflow smart store shopping mall production

Winning Mind website production

J Doubleu smart store shopping mall production

Eel ae full on/offline consulting

White Valley smart store shopping mall production

Newel OLLIOLLI brand web consulting

Big Tifle Shop Smart Store Shopping Mall Production

The Pets Smart Store shopping mall production

Dongwon F&B smart store shopping mall production

​The Planet web platform homepage production

Eco Green System website production

Gyeongsan I&C website production

Gangbyeonsan Regional Housing Association website production

Gogo Jjambbong smart store shopping mall production

HWASA SHOP smart store shopping mall production

Lotte Hi-Mart shopping mall deal page production

Wallaview stamp event benefit page creation

Cover brand startup website production

Produced the Vin Resected shopping mall

Create a shopping mall for the new distribution website

Storian mobile app design

Produced a shopping mall for thanks food

Thank you food brand web consulting

KumOD&I interior shopping mall production
Lineout men's clothing shopping mall production
Songpa Signature Officetel Sales Homepage Production
Bliss Interior Web Consulting
Bliss interior homepage production
BNC CommunityComs shopping mall production
J7 web consulting
J7 premium clothing shopping mall production
Comprehensive consulting for planning diagnosis
Irene Wedding/Mastinto suit consulting
Emotional design planning product page consulting
Lingaringa web/mobile shopping mall production
Cynical web/mobile shopping mall production
Relax Korea Massage Mall shopping mall renewal production
Eui-Joon Kim Produces web/mobile shopping malls containing sweet potatoes
Magpie Kitchen Web Homepage Blog Production
Gangwon-do Yeongwol Korean Peninsula Forest Promotion Blog
The House Sales House company website production
Dongcheon Convention Wedding Hall Web homepage blog production
Bao Wedding Hall web homepage blog production

Paco Electronics Co., Ltd. website production

Net device homepage production

Selected as an official supplier of Net Devices

Samik Industrial Co., Ltd. website production

Production of LAMPAS TV page
JYIN PATTERN brand consulting
illyqua web/mobile shopping mall production
Lotto shop web/mobile shopping mall production
Vibeon web consulting
Subsystem Co., Ltd. CI BI production
Thumb Factory social planning consulting
Pyeonbaek housing web/mobile shopping mall production
JA International web consulting
S-Peel Korea web/mobile consulting
Hansung Global Mobile Planning Consulting
Haeoreum Food Co., Ltd. web consulting
Family Food Co., Ltd. web consulting
A/S/8/T asphalt digital printing
Jeongstore Aloha Beach web/mobile consulting
Samjung C&T Paik Sensei Wangta toothbrush web/mobile consulting
Avigle women's general shopping mall production
Home Thai Massage Shop Web Consulting
P&IT Korea Web Consulting

BHFIRMS Freelance Declaration
Established BH Company one-man business
Daedeok Fisheries Web Consulting
Daedeok Fisheries web marketing platform opened
Design Leeds Web Consulting
DesignLeeds web marketing platform opened
Official soccer clothing shopping mall production
Bebehongshop clothing shopping mall production
Danbiart kitchenware platform production
EM solution CI BI production
Casa Diel Web Consulting
Kukdong Sports Web Consulting
Kukdong Sports web marketing platform opened
JMPBIO web/mobile consulting
Medi&Cos Co., Ltd. Web/mobile shopping mall production
Kwangshin Clothing Brand Consulting
Daedong Korea web consulting

* Inaugurated as the head of the online planning team

Improvement of offline revenue structure
Opening of online sales platform
MORNINGDEW independent mall development
Online marketing strategy team established
Viral marketing strategy team established
300% increase in sales compared to the previous year

*Appointed as manager of the online planning team

Online sales revenue structure improvement
Launched ROXBURY imported bag brand
ROXBURY independent mall development
Celebrity sponsorship planning, marketing, and sales

* Inaugurated as the product planning team leader

RIDGERINE-Launched emotional outdoor brand
RIDGERINE-Emotional outdoor independent mall development
Product planning, shooting, uploading, marketing, sales

* Inaugurated as the online planning team leader

Participated in SS trend product development
Head of FF Trend Planning
Product development, shooting, uploading, marketing, sales
SS trend product planning
Achieved 150% over the previous year's sales

*Joined as deputy design planning team

Apparel related website development
General goods shopping mall development
Achieved the best auction seller
Achieve Gmarket Excellent Seller

*Joined as Head of Design Team

Apparel related website development
General goods shopping mall development



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